Why Not Provide Medicare To Everyone In The World?

“The Selfish Leftist Heart” pointed out that Medicare for All (“MFA”) is a misleading moniker for proposals that provide health insurance coverage for only a select, relatively wealthy group of people who happen to live in America. “The Immorality of Medicare For Less Than All” explained how (1) MFA supporters give themselves too much credit… Continue reading Why Not Provide Medicare To Everyone In The World?

Fix Climate Change For The Children!

Recently, a friend commented on and shared an article on Facebook titled, “Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless.” A commenter responded, as if he was saying something dispositive about the shared article, with this: “These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation.” True! Also true,… Continue reading Fix Climate Change For The Children!

Nationalism PART IV, Nix Nationalism?

While nationalism produces many negative consequences, the fact that independent states—all of which are nationalistic to some degree—have survived the evolutionary test of time suggests, if not proves, that nation-states are, on balance, better for humans than chaos and the other approaches to governance that have been tried. At best, however, even the most successful… Continue reading Nationalism PART IV, Nix Nationalism?

Exploitation-Part II, Reparations—Calculating A Fair Amount.

“Exploitation-Part I, The Bay For Justice” sorted out how conflating punishment of crimes with compensation for losses in determining a fair reparation amount for colonization would produce an unjust result. Yet, conflating those disparate things is as common as it is illogical. That being the case, many people are fine with punishing people who had… Continue reading Exploitation-Part II, Reparations—Calculating A Fair Amount.

Free Markets and Morality—PART I

A primary “progressives’”[i] pastime appears to be seeking, finding, and pointing out ways in which free markets and the participants therein, especially those who succeed, are immoral. I was reminded of this fact last week when Freakonomics served up a rebroadcast of a 2013 podcast [ii] that followed Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation “EVANGELII GAUDIUM.” That… Continue reading Free Markets and Morality—PART I

Slowing the “School-to-Prison Pipeline”—At What Cost?

A Classic Case of Leftist Blindness to Tradeoffs Causing More Harm Than Good Like essentially all claims about causes and effects with respect to societal phenomena (no matter who makes such claims), what follows cannot be proved or disproved with certitude. With humility, therefore, what follows is a case for the claim that the leftist… Continue reading Slowing the “School-to-Prison Pipeline”—At What Cost?

Prelude To A Post About The Florida Shooting – A Growing Leftist Trend

I was writing a post about the possible nexus between the leftist school policies implemented in Broward County Florida prior to February 14, 2018 and the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that occurred on that day. In the process, I realized that I was addressing an item that… Continue reading Prelude To A Post About The Florida Shooting – A Growing Leftist Trend

Non Sequiturs on Parade – PART V

Let’s continue analyzing Steve Roth’s handy compilation of leftist bromides, non sequiturs, self-congratulations, and just plain ol’ errors, “Why Welfare and Redistribution Saves Capitalism from Itself.”[i] This series of posts addresses the following question: Did Roth explain why welfare and redistribution save capitalism from itself? (Prior posts on this question can be found in PART… Continue reading Non Sequiturs on Parade – PART V