Let’s Sort Some Things Out is a blog about timeless issues and issues of the day. My impression is that people all too often take firm stances on extremely complicated issues based on far too few facts and faulty logic. My hope is that this blog will expand people’s (including my own) perspectives and beliefs.

On the other hand, it is foolhardy to believe a person can possess all facts relevant to any issue, that her or his values and goals are free of negative aspects, or that the positive and negative consequences of any policy proposal have been fairly assessed.  One would have to be omniscient, super-intelligent and wise to be certain about any policy position.  Far from being omniscient, etc., everyone’s beliefs are based only on glimpses of less than all the facts which have a bearing on public policy matters.  Humans can neither possess perfect knowledge about the factors that they can identify nor know for sure they are even aware of all the significant factors.  Worse, in many cases, the sum of all the insignificant factors can overwhelm the significant factors. Despite that, it is irresponsible to advocate for a policy, much less vote to instate it, without a prudent amount of effort to become informed.

The best we should hope for is to continue to improve our perspectives and get closer to the truth.  Is it a waste of time to try to improve if one cannot ultimately succeed?  If you believe that, I would suggest you find another blog to follow.  There are plenty of blogs authored by utopians.

The time tested way to improve one’s beliefs is to subject them to the critiques of others.  Hopefully, this blog will facilitate our honing of each other’s’ beliefs.


I sought and obtained a degree in Political Science because public policy was (and remains) my primary passion. I was a deeply committed leftist in high school and was further indoctrinated to leftist ideals in college and law school. Obtaining a law degree was an effort to learn the mechanics of law and how the law might be used to improve the lives of the poor and middle-income people.

While experiencing the realities of life and practicing law in a corporate setting for a few years after school, my beliefs were constantly mugged by how things really worked and what the public policy issues really were (as opposed to what I had been taught in school). That is when I really started digging deep into the issues. Through it all, and now, my primary passion is to improve the lives of poor and middle-income people remains. The goal of this blog is not to save poor and middle-income people, doing for others what they can do for themselves denies them the opportunity of earning the dignity of self-sufficiency. The goal of this blog is to disclose the many ideas and policies that impede poor and middle-income people from improving their lives themselves so that our society rids itself of those ideas and policies.


Each blog post addresses a specific topic. Each topic, however, deals with a piece of what I believe to be a coherent philosophy that, if adopted, would result in greater flourishing of humans of all income or wealth categories everywhere in the world, especially for poor and middle-income people.

My approach will be to reveal another piece of this philosophy with each post. While, hopefully, each post will be interesting and will stand on its own, the most will be gained from this blog if you understand each piece in the contest of the whole. Consequently, I strongly urge you to start with the first post, “Wealth,” and go from there. Enjoy!