First blog post

Well, here goes. At my brother’s urging (and him giving me this blog site for my birthday) I’m going to take a shot at blogging.  With modest expectations and much humility, I’m going to move from Facebook to here many of my takes, especially the longer ones, on timeless issues and issues of the day.  While I’ll keep commenting on Facebook, hopefully, more people will feel comfortable making a comment here on what I say – away from public mudfest which Facebook can often be.

Hopefully, we can have exploratory conversations about issues rather than enduring people signaling allegiance to their “tribe” by attacking people in the other tribe rather than disagreeing with their beliefs.  Only by discussing beliefs can we test whether our beliefs are sound. [Wish us all luck on this point.]

I hope you will find stopping by from time to time to be worthwhile.

Now I’m off to figure out if I have anything worth writing.

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