We Have A Problem

Last night I could not log into Parler with either Chrome or Edge. Having heard about the widespread banning of people and organizations by lots of Big Tech platforms, I suspected the browsers were blocking access to Parler. Then I learned that the problem was that Parler was overwhelmed with web traffic. I was relieved — for a moment.

Then I saw that Apple had sent a message to Parler: “Moderate violent threats or face ban.” Whatever Apple meant by the term “threat” is entirely within Apple’s discretion, i.e., Parler is at the mercy of doing what Apple tells Parler it must do.

This morning I’ve learned that Google beat Apple to the punch by removing Parler from its Play Store. Google and other browsers can be programmed not to present any website they choose. Who knows what all they can do to users who enter a verboten web address? If Big Tech does what the deep state wants them to do, history suggests that the deep state will smile in satisfaction with the power afforded by its political arm controlling all three branches and proceed to gain more power.

If you are watching what is going on, you can see an illustration of Lord Acton’s observation, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I doubt, however, that anyone in Lord Acton’s age could have imagined just how much power could be accumulated.

I’m reminded of astronaut John Swigert’s immortal words, “Houston, we have a problem.” The difference is that no one was against America solving the problem the Apollo 13 spacecraft experienced.

2 thoughts on “We Have A Problem”

  1. Shared to Twitter, but I’m sure my days are numbered there. Wondering what will happen to the platform when all the conservative voices have been silenced and Twitter (Facebook, too) is no longer an interesting game to the liberals and anarchists who denegrate those conservative voices. My guess is that they will migrate to one of the newer, alternate platforms to continue their tirades. Twitter will return to its origins…blah blah blah about celebrity scandals, sports, etc. Ho hum….

  2. That sure could be, provided the “Ho hum” includes people attempting to make themselves appear to be virtuous by declaring their victimhood or self-verbal-flagellation because of their imagined complicity in the victimization of all those “victims” out there.

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