The Last Morning in America

In about an hour, Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States. I feel that this will likely be the last morning in America, and I imagine that many of you do. By “America,” I’m referring to the country that was the first to launch a grand experiment in governance, the goal of which was to keep tyrants at bay so that the “The People” could be free to pursue happiness as they defined it. America’s founding principles included: “All men are created equal,” equal protection, due process, freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition, no man is above the law, people have a right to the fruits of their labor, and justice for all.

Sadly, many of the circumstances extant in the colonies that transgressed those principles could not be resolved when the founders launched the experiment, and Americans have since committed much evil both here and abroad. Nevertheless, while falling far short of perfection concerning any of those principles, the realization of those principles has increased over time. Moreover, the achievements by nations people hail as having better societies/governance were enabled by massive freeloading on America.[i]

With all of its shortcomings, America lasted well over 200 years and became the wealthiest, most inventive, most just, most potent, and most generous nation ever to exist. Hardly any of that would have been possible had America adopted magical thinking like: 1) government experts know best about virtually everything, 2) leaders will consistently put the public’s interest ahead of their own, 3) leaders can acquire the knowledge and wisdom necessary to run an economy, or 4) giving leaders enough power to run everything would not corrupt those leaders absolutely.

The far left of the Democrat party reject most, if not all, of America’s founding principles. For example, they reject equality in favor of “equity.” Justice requires person X, who has harmed person Y, to compensate person Y for the harm that person X inflicted on person Y. If person X intentionally inflicted the harm, justice requires person X to pay person Y punitive damages as well. Equity calls for taking money from people of certain skin hues and giving it to people of different skin hues. Whether parents of person X or person Y immigrated to America after the Thirteenth Amendment was adopted is irrelevant. Equity is unjust.

It is yet to be seen how moderate the allegedly moderate Biden will be. That he proudly picked a vice president and cabinet members based primarily on their identity (instead of merit), is not a good sign. Neither can we be comfortable that, if Biden does not do the bidding of the far left, Harris will not get him out of the way with the 25th Amendment — assuming he has more than a few months of life left.

This afternoon, the Democrats will have the power to 1) End the filibuster rule in the Senate, i.e., a simple majority vote wins; 2) the Constitutional power to make Puerto Rico and the brut power to make the District Of Columbia the 51st and 52nd states, thereby drastically reducing the probability that the Democrats will have a political rival well into the future, 3) Pack the Supreme Court with enough justices to ensure none of their legislation will be overturned, and 4) Thwart every attempt to reign Big Tech’s infringements on free speech.

Only the top-level Democrats know the extent to which they will exercise the above-listed powers. That one faction has amassed that much power means that violations of the “enumerated powers” and “limited government” framework of America’s Constitution cannot be checked or balanced. Without an operative framework in place, America and its grand experiment will soon not exist. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, let us hope and pray that someday in the not-too-distant future, Americans will witness a new dawn on which, later that day, a newly elected president will welcome America back to existence.

[i] Non Sequiturs on Parade – PART VI

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  1. Very well put. Terrifying, but well put. I assume that the cancelling will become wider and deeper, and each new cancellation will move the cancelled to the new realization, and hopefully, to the Cancelled Community, to the Constitution, if it can still be returned in the search results. I also wonder if the leftists will still call the Constitution a ‘living’ document, even though it barely has a pulse. I also wonder if the Cancelled will migrate to the new home of speech and tolerance (the Rumbles of the world). Google should not be a verb, but an anachronism, and the “media” relabeled as Pravda.

    1. Who is cmilescody?
      Because I only know of one, and I don’t believe that person would write this, or is old enough to write this.
      It seems more like a pseudonym that a different cody family member would write while impersonating cmiles.

    2. I’d hate to see a site where opposing views are not allowed to post and instead create an echo chamber whereby it seems like a lot of people support and idea that is flawed.

  2. Speaking of very well put, well done!

    Your sequencing is plausible and there are signs that are a cause for hope much of the woke will reawaken. As tyrants always do, now that there is a lot more power to share, the incompatible factions on the left are vying for the reigns. They are using their standard method, cancel everyone who has an agenda different than theirs. For example, Chuck Todd just strayed a bit from the people on his left (yes! there really are some of those people). They are demanding that he be cancelled.

    In “The Madness of Crowds,” Douglas Murray put on display the incompatibility of the many various factions on the left. For example, the claims transgenders make to gain rights and privileges 1) undermine the claims gays made to gain rights and privileges and 2) reduces the rights, privileges, and interests of women.

    It is very likely they will tear each other apart, like all of the Democrat presidential candidates did in the debates, but more viciously. We can only hope they don’t make recover impossible.

    I have spotted some possible reasons for hope and plan to write about it soon.

  3. With regard to your implied predictions about the four enumerated powers the Dems now hold, I would say that you really don’t have too much too worry about. The Red and Blue parties both owe allegiance to the same economic interests so the result will likely be more of the same. It would be positive if the filibuster
    was reduced or eliminated in the current session. This would put the Dems on the spot to perform. Sadly, Chuck will probably grab the opportunity to continue to blame the GOP for blocking reform a/k/a progress.

    1. bluemodelman2000,
      I do not understand your reference to “four enumerated powers.” Articles I an II each contain many more than four grants of enumerated powers and Article III contains but one. Whatever you mean by that reference, I’m not concerned about the Dems exercising powers granted to the three branches. The founders showed wise restraint in granting powers. I’m worried about the exercise of powers not granted by the Constitution.

      Not that the Reps are without sin, but for a little over 100 years, Dems have crusaded against the limitations placed on the federal government by the Constitution. The crusade has succeeded. So much so that 1) when asked in 2010 to identify where the Constitution granted authority to enact an individual health mandate, Pelosi replied, “Are you serious?,” and in 2016, leftist professors felt Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer had sufficiently cleared the coast for a frontal assault on the Constitution (a.k.a., fundamentally transformed America) to safely publish a book book titled, “Relic: How Our Constitution Undermines Effective Government–and Why We Need a More Powerful Presidency.”

      Not only will deep state prosecutors not prosecute wrongdoing by fellow deep state members, when necessary, they will run to the podium to exonerate the offending member. (

      I generally agree that both parties are on the take. The theatrics of the Dems and Reps are similar to those of the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington General, respectively, i.e., all are being paid for their roles. However, while surely there is much overlap, the Dem and Rep politicians play roles that allow them to tap into different sources of money. Worse, while a Globetrotter might be fired, if a Globetrotters player does not put on a show that pleases their paymaster, he need not fear vicious and devastating retaliation from a monster he played a role in creating. With 47 U.S.C. § 230, created a monster that now has the power to control Congress ( With impunity, Big Tech can cancel, vilify, and shut up any politician who steps out of line (if the deep state doesn’t beat them to the punch). Politicians are at the mercy of the monopoly powers they ceded to Big Tech.

      While I expect Reps to do little with the right to filibuster other than using for the opportunity of some Senators to speechify in order to keep their campaign coffers full (i.e., the Reps will not likely use the filibuster to great effect), I see no advantage to the eliminating it. When a piece of Dem legislation is so bad that the Reps are faced with the choice losing their base if they don’t exercise their power to filibuster or face the fury of Big Tech and MSM, I expect that at least one Senator will use the power to maintain her office.

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