Everyone should be aware of “The Articles of Unity – A Patriotic Plan to Save our Republic.” It is a plan to address the problems that result in every four years Americans being left with the option to choose between two people whose primary expertise is evading questions, bunkum, balderdash, and bamboozling. As things are now, only people who have that expertise have a chance of winning the presidency. The exceptions to having to choose between the lesser of two morally flawed, technically incompetent, and often corrupt candidates have grown rarer over time.

The country has survived that growing trend because a large percentage of American voters used to believe in the American Creed and The American Experiment. Over recent decades, students are either not taught about those things or are taught to reject them.

Our incompetent and corrupt governments that resulted from the above situations cannot long endure. Much of the rancor, turmoil, and growing demands for fundamental change we are now seeing is the result of such corrupt and incompetent governments. Lesser of two evils politicians, who rely on pitting citizen against citizen, have proven that they will only exacerbate those problems and deliver mostly feckless outrage and gridlock.

@Unity2020 is a plan to elect competent patriots, one centrist conservative and one centrist liberal, as president and vice president who are not beholding to the powers that be. They will agree to share power in a way that will have a chance of saving the republic from the disastrous path we are now on.

I’m neither enthusiastic about all of the plan’s details nor optimistic about its success. It is, however, something that has a chance of effectively getting the country on a sustainable course. At a minimum, with a sufficient groundswell of support, politicians should be more inclined to change their corrupt ways. Without a groundswell, it will go nowhere.

For that reason, I have signed up in support of this challenge to the status quo. I urge you to do the same.

For more details see “The Articles of Unity – A Patriotic Plan To Save Our Republic” and “The Articles of Unity – A Patriotic Plan to Save our Republic (Bret Weinstein).”

2 thoughts on “@Unity2020”

  1. This is great and I signed up, too. However, I’m wondering how we break the stranglehold of the two parties within the legislative branch.

    1. Good point. There is also the question of how much the Deep State will stymie both Congress and the President if the cast of characters were to change. There are no clear answers other than things continuing to worsen if we stay on the path we now travel.

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