What’s Going On? – Part I The Mess

The invidious death of George Floyd may prove to be an inflection point on the arc of American history. It caused multiple groups who seek the fundamental transformation of America to coalesce and intensify their efforts. Surely, more things are going on than meets the eye. It could be that the undiscernible things that are going on are more important than the ones that are. The discernable things, however, are monumental and well worth sorting out.  

Even this partial list of some of the discernable things that are going on is reason for alarm and validation of Benjamin Franklin’s doubt[i] that the country would be able to keep the republic the founders proposed:

  • Mass protests about police brutality, injustices, and income disparities experienced by black Americans.[ii]
  • Black groups demanding redress of and reparations for multiple grievances and significant governance changes, including the elimination of police forces and varying degrees of socialism,[iii]
  • A BLM leader threatened, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking … figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation… I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary.”[iv]
  • The multigenerational efforts by 1960s revolutionaries to turn K-University education system into leftist indoctrination/social justice warrior training centers is at last bearing the intended abundant fruit.[v]
  • Mobs are demolishing statues[vi] and intellectuals reframing America’s history, e.g., “The 1619 Project.”[vii]
  • Antifa and other fringe groups using fascistic tactics to cow and silence people who do not support Antifa’s political objectives.[viii]
  • A pandemic and a botched response to the pandemic.[ix]
  • The loss of credibility by public health experts,[x] “experts” generally,[xi] polling,[xii] government agencies,[xiii] politicians,[xiv] mainstream media,[xv] and the intelligentsia.[xvi]
  • An unprecedented aggregation and exercise of dictatorial power by governors[xvii] and local officials.
  • Federal and state government officials establishing a state religion of scientism,[xviii] while infringing on or attempting to banish traditional religions.[xix]
  • The mainstream media are rejecting journalistic standards[xx] and becoming the propaganda arm of a leftist uprising[xxi] (and China[xxii]).
  • The reality and power of Deep State are becoming more evident and ominous.[xxiii]
  • Globalists are attempting to exploit the chaos to advance their agenda.[xxiv]
  • An acceleration of the cancel culture is underway.[xxv]
  • Republican leadership revealing their fecklessness or complicity in the face of the leftist uprising.
  • An unprecedented push to replace America’s cronyistic economic system with socialism[xxvi] (which would merely replace a “crony capitalism” system with a crony socialism system), and
  • The absurdity of the two major political parties offering up Trump or Biden as the best candidates they could find.

The above mess could be the result of a perfect storm (multiple groups independently snapping into action to prevent this crisis from going to waste), a mastermind puppet master pulling strings at his disposal, a conspiracy executing its plan, the inevitable culmination of universities’ 100+ year project to undermine the limited government established by the Constitution and 50+ year project to replace science and reason with postmodernism, or God using a variation on the Babylonian theme[xxvii] to punish human hubris (destroying Babylonian’s ability to progress by making it impossible for various peoples to speak to each other — “talking pass each other” instead of communicating could achieve the same result).

Whatever the cause, the mess needs some sorting out.

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